Friday, July 29, 2011

it's discipline time

hard-to-handle spark-plug and renown mischief-maker with a propensity for scatterbrained creative undertakings in any number, shapes, or sizes. I spend most of my time swimming in a sea of perpetual chaos. It is this whirlwind of high jinks, madhatter idionsyncracies, and topsy-turvy ideation ceaselessly spinning cartwheels through my mind, which I aim to chronicle in my blogging efforts. Warning: content is likely to include uncouth, innapropriate, and controversial content along with its fair share of oddities, zig-zagging digression, and wayward spontaneity. So prudes, crybabies, and tattle-talers alike--leave while your mind is still pure and untainted by the lewd rantings of this unabashed blog.

Like it or not, the unpredictable span of these flailing meteorities hurdling through the scatterbrained landscape of my conscious mind must be catalogued with reckless abandon if any semblance of sanity is to seize command over my life. Ever inundated by a flurry of mentally probing curiosities, thoughts, and new interests,  the individual life span of each Eureka! flicker of  inspiration  is constantly threatened by the catcall of some other bigger, better, shinier idea. Within the past several years, this unconscious but consistent abandonment of half-baked ideation, has significantly depleted my creative lifeblood, leaving me productively stagnant and unfulfilled.

The onslaught of innovative ramblings can either serve as an anxiety-ridden attack or it can release an unbridled determination to thrive. So i'm now gleefully adopting the latter frame of mind. This blog will thus not only serve as a creative outlet but as an external emblem of my progressive efforts and resolute commitment.

What's next to follow is a quirky, entertaining thril ride through the cluttered terrain of my hyperactive mind as I attempt to pop a cap in the ass of procrastination, and forge some type of interactive articulation of this discombobulated internal madness.

If you're patient enough to have teeter tottered through the rocky waters of this page alone, then congradulations on being one hell of a trooper.warning, you've got a complex, born again free-spirit in your  hands---this could get a litttttttle bit nutty---irrefutably controversial, messy, harsh, but fun and entertaining, nevertheless.

 But misfits, sinners, and adventurers, join me in this rowdy literary frenzy of mine--at the very least, a guaranteed thriil-ride.(We're talking Back to the Future, Universal Studios caliber)

Blogging Peregrinations will (attempt to) focus on these core categories:(but lord only knows what else might spawn up along the way. like i said, my fixations change on a daily basis: from pornos to philosophy to justin bieber[kidding]to spontaneous combustion. you never know what you're gonna get)

But here are my intended blogging topics I, at least, strive to explore.
  • new media
  • pop-culture
  • diy(do-it-yourself)
  • entrepreneurship
  • technology
  • fashion
  • creative expression
  • utterly biased reviews
  • random lists
  • findings from the cyberspace treasure chest
  • fitness
  • trends
  • ____________________

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