Tuesday, August 7, 2012

hello, i love you won't you tell me your name

i'm mallory, a 
bright-eyed and bushy-tailed sparkplug with a natural affinity for mischief-making, a knack for creativity, and a passion for the burgeoning digital media frontier. oh, and just so you know, i'm a total riot.

i live in an exquisitely chaotic wonderland of a world. my haywire mind is ceaselessly abuzz with a crescendoing torrent of creative ideas and thoughts--and to express this percolating frenzy is the underlying aim of this blog. i've tinkered in the world of blogging with tippy-toed trepidation on several previous occasions, but never had quite enough time or commitment to really hit the ground running. 

I wish I could say that I spent the this recent hiatus performing noble Peruvian missionary work or diligently attending to the advancement of my career as an overzealous young adult looking to change the world.  But let’s face it, I’ve spent much of the past year contriving mischievous practical jokes, dressing up dogs in funny outfits, and painting my nails with dutiful alacrity. But this time around i've finally decided to abandon my perfectionist writerly expectations and commit to this humble bloggy abode.

Without a committed job or collegiate obligations to attend to, the relaxation binge I'd come to know quickly took a turn for the worse as the crazy shenanigans of the  past year unfolded with a Jersey-Shore breed of reckless abandon. But thanks to  a good dose of soul-searching, I can confidently and ambitiously say that I’m back in the saddle again….bitches.

the dynamically evolving new media landscape serves as an illustrious opportunity for self expression. we are no longer merely the consumers of traditional modes of media, but the active participants producing, consuming, and interacting, as a highly opinionated lady with a flair for all things controversially entangled, i can think of no better outlet than this here blog to escape the tedium of life and fulfill my abandoned creative yearnings.

this will be a compendium of fast and furious rants,awestruck musings, and fleeting fixations largely varied in degree but primarily concentrated around:
  • social media
  • popular culture
  • trends
  • technology
  • reviews
  • online finds
  • contemptuous responses to...pretty much everything

this is my topsy-turvy digital playground. enter with caution, as you are hereby warned that the following content contains a bevy of inappropriate banter, nonsensical shenanigans, and all out pandemonium. prudes and goody-two-shoes, just remember i warned you.

"Stay hungry. Stay Foolish" Steve Jobs

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