Thursday, June 26, 2014


I So one thing I've learned while living in Manhattan is that DIY projects are a little more cumbersome here. See there are relatively few craft stores in the city.  If you do happen to find one of these rare craft joints, the prices are excessively high. 

But even if you do manage to find a craft connect, keep in mind that  these projects take space. If your not among the RichKidofNewYorkCity caliber, then chances are you're already confined to a shoebox-sized cell block of a bedroom making the notion of a sectioned off cavernous haven reserved for crafting something of a pipe dream. 

Tenaciously in need of my crafty dalliances, however, I've managed to rustle up enough resources to  launch a few projects. I've come to rely on Washi tape which really comes in handy when you're looking for a quick creative fix with minimal effort. 

The most Herculaen of all tasks thus far has been with the issue of spray painting. There are no backyards or garages—only claustrophobia inducing cramped up corridors, and overbearing roommates—yay! That is to say , it's almost impossible to spray paint here. 

But i don't like to take no for an answer.
So I've naturally broken a few rules

*Spray painting indoors, windows open, fans abound at 3am, roomates not so happy in the aftermath 
*Spray painting again around 3am outdoors while leaving the pieces out to dry and crossing my fingers no one snatches them up

I've had to adjust to a less than coveted style of life and that's just one of the many prices you pay to live in The City. My advice to you: get in good with the repairmen around your apartment(and more importantly treat everyone in the service industry with appropriate respect)A six pack of Bud Light, batting eyelashes and a coy smile can equate with bounties of special treatment  including bicycle repairs, labor-free apartment renovation, spare keys, you name it

look at this precious actual children's cowboy boot i bought and spray painted!

spray painted thing i found outside

Spray painted dinosaurs...Sometimes i like to stage fights between my little characters. don't hate.

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