Tuesday, September 11, 2012

mallory's useful little tips on life

  • keep two spoons in your freezer at night and when you wake up in the morning put the spoons under your eyes to reduce swelling and immediately revitalize those sleep deprived crater-sized bags under your eyes,
  • choose your outfit for the day the night before.
  • establish routines--the only reason I remain (moderately) stable.
  • buy a steamer- I hate ironing(don't we all?) and deciding to get a steamer has been one of the best investments i have made. I ordered the Hamilton Beach Full Size Garment Steamer from Amazon which is $65 and has a telescopic pole that retracts for easy storage. You get A LOT of bang for your buck!
IMG 0036
  • i have a tendency to lose things….quite frequently. and one of the fleeting bugaboos I regularly misplace is the sneaky earring back. God forbid I not wear my iconic pearl earrings. in order to put an end to this scavenger endless scavenger hunt, i decided to outsmart the system once and for all. And so I turned to the most sacredly incandescent one-stop-shop in cyberland with its infinite surplus of everything and anything you could ever imagine: Ebay. For the price of $3(and free shipping) i ordered 100 earring backs and tada! problem solved.
  • my mom taught me this one: the quality of a person(particularly a man) can be summed up by three defining behavioral actions: how he treats his mother, waiters, and animals.
  • another way to "figure someone out" is to take a glance at his or her "Top 25 Most Played" iphone playlist. True colors will inevitable be revealed.
  • buy a shu uemura eyelash curler
  • never take yourself too damn seriously.IMG 1029

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