Wednesday, October 3, 2012

embrace it, bitch

A lot of blog content i stumble across showcase seamless organizational skills or makeup routines, and i sit there googly-eyed wishing i could obtain that sense of order in my life.  If you don't already know me you'll shortly catch on to the blatant fact that I am frenzied, chaotic, tupsy turvy and did i mention A.D.D. to boot.  

But the beautiful thing about the wonderful world of the world wide web is that it opens up a bounty of channels to express or celebrate the unfettered essence of diversity, variation and idiosyncracy which, afterall, blend into the kaleidoscopic landscape of this technological wunderweb. without the unique contributions of user-generated richness, we'd still be mired in the humdrum babble of a one-way method of communication. But as participants in the web 2.0 culture ,we are now obliged to contribute to the expansive conversation. and what we have to give is a unique smattering of our individual self.

the social stigmas identified with having ADHD are fundamentally misconstrued and debiitating IF you allow that intoxicating world of stereotypical babble into your life. many of the greatest thinkers of our time challenged established notions with rebellious indifference  only to conquer herculaen feats in the face if a continuous onslaught of public scrutiny. so for the sake of adders and mankind alike  iw ant to encourage all of you fun foolish messy clumzy riots out there, to lavish in your oddball ways of thinking. at 24 years old, i am just now starting to embrace my A.D.H.D. rather tha use it as as a crutch or attempt to conceal its unavoidable presence in my life. 
so there goes my cathartic ramble,. Now onto the show!

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